Our Story
Trumptech (Hong Kong) Limited is one of the leading educational technology companies in Hong Kong. The company provides quality learning and teaching resources to schools in China, Hong Kong and Macau to enhance learning effectiveness. In 2004, it introduced the World Class Arena programme from the Department for Education and Skills of the British government.

Invited students have participated in STEM activities since 2006 including the Imperial College World STEM Summer School. Trumptech has been aspired to promote STEM education solutions to strengthen students’ problem-solving skills in the past two decades.

Dedicated to innovative information technology in education since 1996
Over 100,000 students have used our e-platforms to train their higher-order
thinking skills in the past 10 years.
Over 70,000 students have taken World Class Tests organised by Trumptech since 2004.
More than 20 years of IT content production experience.

Our Philosophy
Promoting Education
Pursuit of the extraordinary.
Creativity and higher-order thinking are what we value most. With the advancement of technology, we aspire to create a new era in teaching and learning experiences which goes beyond the traditional boundaries of education.

Our Core Values
Student-centred learning that nurtures students' problem-solving skills through STEM education.
Education for all that emphasises an enjoyable learning experience.
For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the education industry through continuously optimizing interactive programmes that can integrate into Hong Kong’s school-based curriculum.

To enable students to truly enjoy the process of learning, we have also explored and developed experiential educational programmes that highlight technology and creativity.

To make learning a pleasure
To nurture the adventurous mindset
Encourage problem solving as a way of thinking.