Meet LEGO® Education Coding Express at First Assembly of God Primary School & Kindergarten Open Day

Many parents are interested to know how do young kids like theirs engage with STEAM learning or if they are capable of understanding the concepts and applying them? The answer is a total YES!

For STEAM learning in early education, LEGO® Education aims to arouse curiosity and to nurture the creativity of kids through hands-on activities using the colourful bricks! Everything starts with “making the link”, or say the ability to make associations between their daily observations and the vocabulary. Taking transportation as an example, children can relate the programmable train with their own MTR commuting experiences. With that, introduce them to concepts like direction, speed and commands, of which are all fundamental knowledge for further STEAM learning. They can test with the command blocks and see for themselves the software/hardware interaction, and thus the cause & effect concepts!

It is also valuable for developing children's story-telling ability. LEGO® Education sets, employed by teachers with story cards and guidance questions, stimulate the kids to think a little bit more, thus raise their expression skills!

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LEGO education_ Trumptech @kindergarten

LEGO education Trumptech at Kindergarten open day

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