HK school comes second in the Global Model Rocket Car Competition!

The global final of Race to the Line micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition was held on 27 June at the Imperial War Museum Duxford. This year’s regionals have attracted over 8,500 teams from around England, Scotland and more! Hong Kong’s representing team, from Buddhist Kok Kwong Secondary School, has taken the second place with a proud result of 126.32km/hr.

The top 3 teams of Hong Kong regional are invited to join the global final. The global arena gives much flexibility to the participants to modify their rocket car’s wheels and axle, which enable students to an additional learning cycle and to experiment on various materials driven by the speedy goal! The HK team made theirs with lightweight woods which is accountable for their winning speed record.

The team coach, also the vice-principal of the school, shared his experience with us that it becomes necessary to spare time for “fights” during the design and make-your-own process. When students come together as a team, they learn to compromise and agree on decision-making mechanisms such as voting.

The competition does not only enhance students' curiosity and increases STEM knowledge application, it also nurtures perseverance and problem-solving skills in them. The competition offers a goal in learning and complements the school-based STEM curriculum. Principal Learning showed appreciation for the opportunity for students to apply inter-disciplinary knowledge. For instance, they can observe and test on air drag with the Wind Tunnel software.

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