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  • GBA Youth AI Development Centre launches to provide comprehensive AI Education Programmes

    Trumptech, joined hands with SenseTime, the world’s leading AI company to announce the launch of the GBA Youth AI Development Centre at HKSTP.

  • 【Event Recap】FIRST® LEGO® League 2020-21 Briefing Sessions

    The briefing sessions of FIRST® LEGO® League 2020-21 were successfully held earlier to share with hundreds of schools on the latest online tournament model! Trumptech, the new authorised organiser, wishes to promote STEM education to a new peak with the tournament’s comprehensive learning roadmap!

  • FIRST® LEGO® League 2020-21 arrives! Join us in the competition briefing to know more!

    Trumptech will be organising this global STEM competition, which is suitable for students from kindergarten to secondary schools (age 4-16).

  • CodeN’Sim - Latest platform updates and O2O demonstrations at SKH Kei Hin Primary Schools

    Introducing our latest release of coding activity 2, updated teacher panel functionalities and O2O teaching & learning demonstrations.

  • ​​​​​​​[Event Recap] STEAM teacher’s workshop for year 2020-21

    Nothing more delighting than to share our hands-on series with passionate teachers. In workshops, teachers experience interdisciplinary knowledge with a clear goal!

  • CodeN’Sim briefing session for HKACE

    Trumptech held its second briefing session on CodeN'Sim Coding Platform for HKACE school members!

  • CodeN’Sim - Platform launch & briefing session

    CodeN’Sim, a gamified code learning platform that aims to promote computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • [Sign up NOW] STEAM Teacher Workshops

    A series of STEAM workshops are launched for teachers - lets' prepared for the new school year!

  • Trumptech X HKACE signed MoU in promoting STEAM education through LEGO® Education solutions

    This marks a 3-year partnership which brings sessions of teacher training, workshop and more!

  • Latest STEM programme Showcases at Learning & Teaching Expo 2019

    Wrapping up 2019 with a grand showcase of the latest STEM initiatives at the LTE hosted by HKEdCity and supported by the HKEDB!

  • Meet LEGO® Education Coding Express at First Assembly of God Primary School & Kindergarten Open Day

    Are young kids capable of understanding the STEAM concepts and applying them? The answer is a total YES!

  • HK school comes second in the Global Model Rocket Car Competition!

    Hong Kong’s representing team, from Buddhist Kok Kwong Secondary School, has taken the second place with a proud result of 126.32km/hr.

  • Launching of future skills online courses, by Eton College, UK

    Eton X will introduce 11 courses on future skills ranging from topics of public speaking to creative problem-solving for students in HK!

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  • TVB - Mini Rocket Car Competition - St. Anthony's School

    29 January 2020

    Watch the video to hear the students'sharing!

  • Eton College from the UK is recruiting HK students for the first time!

    Trumptech is the sole agent of EtonX courses in Hong Kong - launching Summer Future Skills Online Courses for students aged 14-20.

  • eZone:Belilios Public School - Girls on the STEM learning arena!

    Belilios Public School took part in the Model Rocket Car Competition 2019 and this story gives you a glimpse of their learning process!

  • SingTao Education:STEM learning and the Marvelous Rocket Car!

    Through the making of a Rocket Car, it illustrates the connection between STEM knowledge and day-to-day lives! 

  • HKEJ:Rocket to the championship - SKH Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School

    SKH Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School Rocket Car team comes first in 2018 Final! The team coach said it's all about constant trial-&- error!

  • Oriental Daily:Mini Rocket Car Contest - unleash the STEM fun!

    It's all about thinking big and thinking out of the box, make a bold hypothesis and test it!

  • Educators HK:Double Champion for Primary school section of Rocket Car Final 2018!

    Stimulate students to self-learning and problem-solving! Get an overview of the 2018 competition winner list! New record of 62.8 km/h!

  • Epoch Times: The first UK rocket car competition in Hong Kong!

    With over 3000 student participation,  the competition develops kids with problem-solving skills and teamwork!

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