Launching of future skills online courses, by Eton College, UK

Eton College, an internationally well-known education institute that is at the top of the league in the UK, has launched its first online summer course series to cultivate quality future leaders in Hong Kong! It is not only the alma mater of Prince William and Prince Harry, Duke of Cambridge but also It is the cradle of the world's leading political and business leaders and literary creation giants. The school has nurtured 19 British prime ministers.

Through its educational technology company Eton X, it will introduce 11 courses on future skills ranging from topics of public speaking, critical thinking to creative problem-solving and more. The course allows Hong Kong students aged 14-20 to experience an Eton College renowned teaching cycle, which involves lectures, self-study, peers learning and reflection.

Make the best use of your kid’s summer holiday to master key skills and to build the perfect portfolio for future success in universities and workplaces! Trumptech is the sole agent of Eton X courses in Hong Kong. Contact us for more information now

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