Latest STEM programme Showcases at Learning & Teaching Expo 2019

Trumptech is wrapping up 2019 with a grand showcase of the latest STEM initiatives at the Learning & Teaching Expo hosted by HKEdCity and supported by the Education Bureau! There is no way missing our signature STEM competition series at the Expo! We received excellent feedbacks and sat for teachers' sharing about our "Race to the Line Rocket Car Competition" put to a "productive failure" pedagogical application, improving the capacity of struggling learners to acquire scientific concepts.

Besides, workshops were organised for students, teachers & educators to enable hands-on experiences of making and coding their own micro:bit hovercraft. Sounds interesting? It is our latest release, comes with much flexibility in design, and challenges students to code to command with remote control. Through this maker journey, students' problem-solving skills and computational thinking can be well boosted!

Another must-join was the SPIKE(TM) Prime tryout! It is LEGO(R) Education latest product which will officially be released in January 2020. Participants had to make their own hopping robot and put them to a race! The winning record was at 5.4 secs!

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