CodeN’Sim - Latest platform updates and O2O demonstrations at SKH Kei Hin Primary Schools

We are back in round 2 briefing session with Sheng Kung Hui schools! Apart from the latest release of coding activity 2, we also have updated our teacher panel with additional functions like provision of model answers, learning highlights and step-by-step guidance on teaching coding concepts to students.

We also demonstrated the O2O possibilities of CodeN’Sim with the use of LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime and a customised challenge map! With the transfer of codes made possible via the upgraded panel, students can observe the command execution and optimise their programs accordingly.


Thanks to the many support of SKH Kei Hin Primary School, CodeN’Sim is, for the first time, integrated into the curriculum, and at best as an exam task. We were delighted to have Vice-Principal Chung and Mr Wong from the school to share their teaching flow and application insight.

We hope CodeN’Sim would transform STEM education and support schools in Hong Kong through the many COVID19 challenges.

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