micro:bit Legged Robot

Challenge your logical thinking ability with robotics and coding!

micro:bit Legged Robot
micro:bit Legged Robot
micro:bit Legged Robot
Programme your legged robot for the optimal flexibility!

【For S1-3】

The micro:bit Legged Robot series combines Technology, Mathematics, Programming and Design into one. To cultivate students' logical thinking and problem-solving abilities, we aim for them to learn and apply inter-disciplinary knowledge to enable agile movements of the legged robot.

STEAM Knowledge Application

Learn basic mechanics, mathematics and other STEAM knowledge to conceptualize the movements of the legged robot

Challenge the missions in real time with the legged robot controlled via micro:bit coding and radio communication

Showcase students' artistic talents with the legged robot body design, demonstrating the ART element in STEAM

micro:bit Legged Robot Fun Day

A 4-hour in-school event for students grade wide to learn inter-disciplinary knowledge via the legged robot project!

Learning STEAM knowledge
Learning STEAM Knowledge

Students will learn STEAM knowledge related to the legged robots, such as robotics, centre of gravity and basic mechanics, etc.

Assembling the robot
Assembling the robot

After learning the key robotic parts and their respective functions, students will get hands-on experience assembling the legged robot

Practice coding with micro:bit
Practice coding with micro:bit

Utilizing coding concept such as sequence, conditions and functions to programme to command the robot

The legged robot challenge
The legged robot challenge

Students need to command the legged robot by setting up radio communication between the robot and the game console, enabling it to compete in terms of speed, agility and other aspects.

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