MAD Maths and Problem Solving Fun Day

Built upon World Class Tests, created for team-based STEAM problem solving competitions

MAD Maths and Problem Solving Fun Day
MAD Maths and Problem Solving Fun Day
MAD Maths and Problem Solving Fun Day

【For P.3 - S.2】

Developed by Trumptech for team STEAM problem solving competitions, aimed at improving critical thinking and problem solving among students through an interactive set of problems!

【Applicable for STEM Days and open days】

  • Built upon carefully selected problems in the World Class Tests
  • Entire event driven by technology in team allocation, answer submission and live broadcast
  • Students get a chance to win a one-year subscription of MAD Maths and Problem Solving, exquisite gifts and a seat at the World Class Tests, sponsored by World Class Arena
Event-based problem solving

A wide range of interactive problems for students to observe and experiment; a trial-and-error approach to indulge in the learning experience!

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MAD Maths and Problem Solving Fun Day

2 hours of immersive problem solving, set aside rote-learnt equations and embrace the fun in problem solving the correct way!

  • Event details: missions, team face-offs, above-weight challenges
  • Real-life and virtual problems to solve
  • Accumulate points with each successful attempt
  • Team face-off - highest scorers in each category represent them in tackling the Challenge Problem
  • Students are welcome to work with parents to attempt complex problems for a chance to win prizes
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