About the Competition

Find out the objective, requirements and timeline of the competition!

About the Competition
About the Competition
About the Competition
Build the fastest model rocket car!

Students need to design and get hands-on to building their fastest and streamlined model rocket car by applying interdisciplinary knowledge on the spot! The rocket cars will then be put to the speed contest which is launched with gunpowder! Let's witness the speed record together!

P4-S3 (Divided into primary and secondary school division)

Team Composition:
A maximum of 4 students in each team

STEAM Knowledge Application

Use simulation software to understand scientific knowledge such as aerodynamics, force, reaction force etc.

Use micro:bit programming and sensors to make timing gates to measure the speed of the rocket cars

Design and create wheels and axles by 3D printing and laser cutting technology

Competition Timeline

With the speed records come the Champion, first runner-up, second runner-up, best school performance award, first class award, second class award and merit award for respective division. You also don't want to miss the "My Favorite Rocket Car" Design Award!

Event Highlight

Check out the photos of previous competition to feel the excitement!

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