​​​​​​​[Event Recap] STEAM teacher’s workshop for year 2020-21

To help teachers plan out their new academic year with STEAM content, Trumptech has organised a series of workshops to share a taste of full-on STEAM solutions before class resumption. The workshops all highlight the hands-on experience and employ respective novel cases to introduce the STEAM concepts! Teaching interdisciplinary knowledge comes handy with a clear goal and theme!

Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Workshop


The learning goal is to make the fastest model rocket car on earth!Students will learn about speed, friction, aerodynamics and more relevant STEAM concepts. To make the learning memorable, they will get hands-on to cut and design the foam block car body. Finally they will test the design with CO2 cartridges and micro:bit timing gate. Teachers experienced the learning cycle for themselves and can visualise how their students can learn across disciplines.


Micro:bit Model Hovercraft Workshop


Apart from learning the operation of micro:bit and various electronics components, teachers get to learn the STEAM concepts behind building an effectively functioning hovercraft that can stand in the challenges of speed, control and cargo lifting. This project-based curriculum has been added with new science and design learning topics, and will bring to schools a brand new STEAM experience!


SPIKE™ Prime Workshop


LEGO® blocks come with unfathomable possibilities! Mixed with the 5E teaching approach and new technical features, LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime brings STEAM teaching to a new level.

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