【Event Recap】FIRST® LEGO® League 2020-21 Briefing Sessions

The briefing sessions of FIRST® LEGO® League 2020-21 were successfully held earlier to share with hundreds of schools on the latest online tournament model! Trumptech, the new authorised organiser, wishes to promote STEM education to a new peak with the tournament’s comprehensive learning roadmap!

Season 2020-21 will be held by Trumptech, hand in hand with Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) as the Strategic Partner and Hong Kong Association of Computer Education (HKACE) as the co-organiser.

Mr Ming Kwok, CEO of Trumptech, pointed out the advantages of using LEGO® education learning kits to strengthen the engineering elements in STEM learning. He has faith in the “project-based” learning approach and the "hands-on" nature of FIRST® LEGO® League in training students with the needed 21st-century skills like problem-solving skills, creative skills and various high-level thinking skills.

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups has been vigorously supporting the tournament since 2005, hoping it would raise students’ awareness of global issues and build up interdisciplinary knowledge, in order to create breakthrough solutions for the betterment of the future.

Mr Chan who represents HKACE expressed goodwill for the tournament. He affirmed FIRST® LEGO® League’s role in assisting schools to deliver STEM education effectively, with “Technology” as the lead and driving other disciplines to joint implementation.

Teachers can personally experience the missions of FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge. In the workshops to come, the participating teams get to develop their strategies and further brush up their problem-solving skills and computational thinking through the build-and-code hands-on learning process.

FIRST® LEGO® League Discover is the first creative STEAM project developed for kindergarten children in Hong Kong. It will bring a brand new activity-based learning experience to kindergarteners and stimulate their interest and potential in STEAM! The trainer introduced and demonstrated the use of the LEGO® Education STEAM park and the FLL Annual Set, allowing the teachers to visual the power of these colourful bricks in cultivating imaginations, creativity, curiosity and basics of STEM concepts like gradient, probability and more.


Click on the division names below to watch the briefing (only Cantonese version available):
FIRST® LEGO® League Discover (For age 4-6)
FIRST® LEGO® League Explore (For age 6-10)
FIRST® LEGO® League (For age 9-16)

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