Trumptech's all-round solutions for “Knowing More About IT” and the “IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools” initiatives

Trumptech is delighted to participate in the “Knowing More About IT” Solution Day organised by The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) and the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO).! We introduced the latest LEGO® Education STEAM solutions and AI solutions (powered by SenseTime Technology) to primary school teachers.

Technology plays a critical role in our society. As technology has been massively deployed in different industries, the demand for technology professionals is rapidly increasing. In order to prepare the youth for the digital future, OGCIO established the “Knowing More About IT” and the “IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools” initiatives to fund Tech education in primary and secondary schools. Schools can utilise the funding on upgrading IT devices and facilities, as well as organising IT-related activities to enhance students’ interest and knowledge in IT!

Background of the initiatives

  • Open for application in three school years from 2020/21 to 2022/23
  • Funding grant of up to $1 million for secondary school and up to $400K for primary school

Funding Scope

  • Procuring and repairing IT devices and facilities
  • Organising IT-related activities
    • e.g. coding classes, AI courses, workshops and competitions
  • Professional Outsourcing

In order to assist schools in applying for the “Knowing More About IT” and the “IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools” initiatives, Trumptech offers a series of solutions that cover the scope of coding, STEAM and AI.

LEGO® Education STEAM Education sets and solutions
With the use of amazing LEGO® Education STEAM kits like WeDo 2.0, SPIKE Essential and SPIKE Prime, we are delighted to present wonderful learning experiences including fun days, student courses and competitions, to engage students of different levels and commitment! Through the grade-wide fun day, teachers get to identify students who have interests and potential in STEM, and who can be further trained up via student courses and competitions.
The comprehensive and directive learning path thus serves as a great guideline for teachers to allocate resources effectively, popularise STEM learning in school, raise the average computational thinking skills across students and enable sufficient attention to the student enthusiast!


CodeN'Sim online coding platform
CodeN’Sim is an online platform that supports coding education in primary to secondary schools. Its gamified and progressive projects foster students’ computational thinking and problem-solving skills without compromising the “fun”!! With curriculum support and the level-appropriate coding competitions that challenge students to apply, alongside a teacher portal that gives insight into class progress, teachers can effortlessly implement O2O coding teaching and learning in school.


AI Education Solution (Powered by SenseTime Technology)
Sparking students’ enthusiasm for AI! As strategic partners, Trumptech and SenseTime jointly designed a series of AI activities for students. Students will be exposed to fundamental knowledge of AI, learning concepts of supervised learning, deep learning, machine learning and more. Through hands-on activities, workshops, site visits and competitions, they can realise their learning by building and training their own AI model!


Sample application
To assist teachers to file a successful application, we provide professional proposal writing services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more! You may also take the following sample as a reference:
Sample application - online coding platform

Case Study
Organising IT-related activities and enrolling for the Hong Kong ICT Awards

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