【Event Recap】Inno Expo @ Tai Po

We were thrilled to participate in the Inno Expo @ Tai Po co-organised by the Home Affairs Department Tai Po Public Enquiry Centre and the Tai Po School Liaison Committee, and funded by the Home Affairs Department. We delightfully introduced the LEGO® Education STEAM sets and education solution to teachers and students from Tai Po and together shared some STEAM and I&T FUN!!

We displayed our all-round LEGO® Education education solutions along with 3 amazing learning sets, SPIKE Essential, SPIKE Prime 及 BrickQ Motion Essential. Teachers and students are given the task to unlock/ operate the robotic devices by understanding the codes, through which they learnt the usage of motors and sensors, as well as the concept of sequences and conditionals.

Students tried to control the direction, speed, light and sound effects of the LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Spinning Ferris Wheel using icon-based programming.
With LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime’s Smart Robot Arm, students can pick up the bricks and put them in a box which is beyond our reach with bare hands!


We endeavour to foster the development of STEAM education in Hong Kong with our all-round education solution including LEGO® Education education solution, AI education solutions powered by AI corporation SenseTime and CodeN’Sim coding platform developed by Trumptech. We also aim to strengthen the knowledge and interest in STEAM of the young generation and equip them with core skills such as problem-solving and collaboration skills to tackle all the challenges they may face in the future.

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