【Event Recap】micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition 2022-2023

The micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition 2022-2023 was successfully held on the May 20th with the support of Kwun Tong Kung Lok Government Secondary School, the co-organising school. The competition showcased the learning achievements of about 100 teams from primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong! Standing out among the teams was not that easy, as participating teams needed to understand the STEAM concepts and knowledge related to rocket cars, as well as to possess strong soft skills to create their rocket cars within a limited time.


Rocket Car Production

Each team was required to create a unique rocket car for the competition in the school hall. Participating teams were only provided with a rectangular plastic piece, wheels, and axles, and they needed to effectively use tools such as sandpaper, scissors, hammers, and cutting machines to create their own rocket car. From drawing lines on the plastic piece, cutting it into the car body, to polishing and installing, the entire process was handled by the students. Teams demonstrated excellent teamwork, division of labor, and cooperation to produce a unique streamlined rocket car and achieve the fastest car speed record!


Soft Skills on the Competition Field

In addition to testing students' knowledge and production skills related to STEAM during the production phase, the competition also enhances their soft skills. Many teams displayed teamwork, division of labor, and some students were even willing to take on auxiliary roles, such as queuing up in the tool area for their teammates to maximize production time. This indicates that the scope of the competition extends beyond the competition itself and into their future work of collaborating with others, highlighting the importance of soft skills in their future career.


Scientists and Artists

In STEAM learning, visual arts elements can provide students with the space to freely express themselves and stimulate their creativity. Both divisions in this competition had a Best Design Award, encouraging teams to unleash their artistic flair to their rocket cars.


The Birth of the Speed Record

After completing the production and inspection procedures, each team's rocket car was immediately assigned to the competition track and put to race by igniting gunpowder! Finally, the champion teams in the primary and secondary divisions both won the honor of fastest rocket car in the competition with a speed record of 23.9 milliseconds! Congratulations again to all the award-winning students, and we believe that all students have benefited greatly from this competition!


🏆Winner List

Primary School Group
🥇Champion:Sha Tau Kok Central Primary School ─ 沙頭角中心小學
🥈The First Runner Up:Yuen Long Merchants Association Primary School ─ 飛越無限
🥉The Second Runner Up:Pentecostal Gin Mao Sheng Primary School ─ PGMS火箭車

Secondary School Group
🥇Champion:CUHKFAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School ─ TC2A
🥈The First Runner Up:CUHKFAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School ─ TC2C
🥉The Second Runner Up:CUHKFAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School ─ TC2D


🏅The Best School Performance Award

Primary School Group
🏅Pui Kiu College
🏅Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School

Secondary School Group
🏅Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School
🏅CCC Kei Long College


🎖️The Best Design Award

Primary School Group
🎖️Yaumati Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) ─ YCPS 號
🎖️SRBCEPSA Lu Kwong Fai Memorial School ─ 光輝號
🎖️Ng Wah Catholic Primary School ─ 極速飛馳
🎖️P.L.K. Siu Hon Sum Primary School ─ 蕭小一號
🎖️P.L.K. Siu Hon Sum Primary School ─ 蕭小三號

Secondary School Group
🎖️Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School ─ 夢想號
🎖️Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School ─ Black House
🎖️Kwun Tong Kung Lok Government Secondary School ─ 低調戰隊
🎖️True Light Girls' College ─ Space X
🎖️Hong Kong True Light College ─ CRAYON



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